Cookes Food


Cookes Food has no packages. We don’t offer a standard menu. Our services are
entirely bespoke. To do this, we go beyond the realm of corporate catering,
beginning with an intimate consulting process that captures the vision of each client:
their tastes, their aesthetics, their wants, their desires. Only then is a menu carefully
designed from scratch, obsessing over the little details that take an event from good
to unforgettable.


Sophie Storen 

At the heart of Cookes Food is Sophie Storen (née Cookes), who co-founded the company a decade ago. In our boutique Melbourne kitchen space, Sophie creates one-off menus that bring together the worlds of events and gastronomy.

Sophie studied at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Each day, in a campus by the Seine, she sat at the edge of her seat, in disbelief that she had the chance to talk about food for 8 hours. At the French academy, she filled dozens of journals with notes and sketches and triple-underlined recipes.

It’s this energy, precision and care that we believe separates Cookes Food from the rest.