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Sophie Storen

At the heart of Cookes Food is Sophie Storen (née Cookes), who co-founded the company a decade ago. In our boutique Melbourne kitchen space, Sophie creates one-off menus that bring together the worlds of events and gastronomy.

Sophie studied at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Each day, in a campus by the Seine, she sat at the edge of her seat, in disbelief that she had the chance to talk about food for 8 hours. At the French academy, she filled dozens of journals with notes and sketches and triple-underlined recipes. It’s this energy, precision and care that we believe separates Cookes Food from the rest.

Of all the young chefs I’ve worked with over the years - you stand out for your huge enthusiasm, energy and passion. You are also probably the all-time funniest chefs I have ever worked with!

So much love to you and congratulations on your incredible achievement... 10 years in this industry is no mean feat!!!!
— Skye Gyngell, July 2018