In all cultures some of life’s fondest memories take place around the table, where hospitality is extended and a meal is shared. Meals are more than merely a consumption of food and drink - they are a sensory experience that can live on as treasured memories of times spent together.

Catered events are always special, always high stakes, often once in a lifetime. Yet unfortunately, even the words ‘wedding food’ and ‘catering’ often conjure up images of mediocrity.

The food at catered events should be as meticulous, innovative and inspired as that served at the best restaurants; and those serving at catered events should be hospitable, knowledgeable, and professional in providing the best service possible.
We are relentless in our commitment to ensuring the “special” nature of your event is experienced, and a cherished memory is made.

With a wide range of clients with varied formats of both private and corporate catering, our team of experienced project managers can assist and coordinate all aspects of your event.

Our highest priority is quality management, and we consider all details to ensure a successful event.

We offer creative ideas that ensure your requirements are met. Our portfolio is inclusive of private dinners, cocktail parties, product launches, food styling and event fit outs.

Planning and catering for weddings is a privilege we take extreme pride in. Designing bespoke menus and creating moments where each detail cohesively contributes to the creation of a beautiful memory is an honour.

For all wedding enquiries we would love the opportunity to meet you in person. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.